Ayurvedic Products

S NoName Of The MedicineUsesPacking
1Abraka Bhasmamfor Respirative Diseases5 GM
2Abraka Bhasmamfor Respirative Diseases10 GM
3Abraka Bhasmamfor Respirative Diseases100 GM
4Abraka Bhasmamfor Respirative Diseases250 GM
5Gomutra Silajitfor Obesity,Diabetes & Weakness5 GM
6Gomutra Silajitfor Obesity,Diabetes & Weakness10 Gm
7Gomutra Silajitfor Obesity,Diabetes & Weakness100 GM
8Gomutra Silajitfor Obesity,Diabetes & Weakness250 GM
9Kanta Bhasmamfor Anaemia5 GM
10Kanta Bhasmamfor Anaemia10 GM
11Kanta Bhasmamfor Anaemia100 GM
12Kanta Bhasmamfor Anaemia250 GM
13Karpoora Silajitfor Over Heat5 GM
14Karpoora Silajitfor Over Heat10 GM
15Karpoora Silajitfor Over Heat100 GM
16Karpoora Silajitfor Over Heat250 GM
17Kaseesa Bhasmamfor Anaemia & Liver Disorders5 GM
18Kaseesa Bhasmamfor Anaemia & Liver Disorders10 GM
19Kaseesa Bhasmamfor Anaemia & Liver Disorders100 GM
20Kaseesa Bhasmamfor Anaemia & Liver Disorders250 GM
21Loha Bhasmamfor Anaemia5 GM
22Loha Bhasmamfor Anaemia10 GM
23Loha Bhasmamfor Anaemia100 GM
24Loha Bhasmamfor Anaemia250 GM
25Mukta Bhasmamfor Over Heat0.5 GM
26Mukta Bhasmamfor Over Heat5 Gm
27Mukta Bhasmamfor Over Heat10 GM
28Mandura Bhasmamfor Oedema5 GM
29Mandura Bhasmamfor Oedema10 GM
30Mandura Bhasmamfor Oedema100 GM
31Mandura Bhasmamfor Oedema250 GM
32Pravala Bhasmamfor Cough & Anaemia2.5 GM
33Pravala Bhasmamfor Cough & Anaemia5 GM
34Pravala Bhasmamfor Cough & Anaemia100 GM
35Pravala Bhasmamfor Cough & Anaemia250 GM
36Sankha Bhasmamfor Stomach Ache5 GM
37Sankha Bhasmamfor Stomach Ache10 GM
38Sankha Bhasmamfor Stomach Ache100 GM
39Sankha Bhasmamfor Stomach Ache250 GM
40Vanga Bhasmamfor Urinary Disorders5 GM
41Vanga Bhasmamfor Urinary Disorders10 GM
42Vanga Bhasmamfor Urinary Disorders100 GM
43Vanga Bhasmamfor Urinary Disorders250 GM
44Yasada Bhasmamfor Urinary Disorders & Chronic Infections5 GM
45Yasada Bhasmamfor Urinary Disorders & Chronic Infections10 GM
46Yasada Bhasmamfor Urinary Disorders & Chronic Infections100 GM
47Yasada Bhasmamfor Urinary Disorders & Chronic Infections250 GM

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