Ayurvedic Products

S NoName Of The MedicineUsesPacking
1Aswagandha Churnamfor Vitality & Strength100 GM
2Aswagandha Churnamfor Vitality & Strength500 GM
3Bhaskara Lavanafor Indigestation100 GR
4Bhaskara Lavanafor Indigestation500 Gr
5Dadimastikafor Diarrhoes & Dysentry100 GR
6Dadimastikafor Diarrhoes & Dysentry500 GR
7Pushyanuga Churnamfor Gyenic Disorders100 GM
8Pushyanuga Churnamfor Gyenic Disorders500 GM
9Sithophaladi Churnamfor Cough & Cold100 GM
10Sithophaladi Churnamfor Cough & Cold500 GM
11Talisadi Churnamfor Cough & Cold100 GM
12Talisadi Churnamfor Cough & Cold500 GM
13Triphala Churnamfor Constipation100 GM
14Triphala Churnamfor Constipation500 GM

Fizikem is one of the fastest growing names in Pharmaceutical scenario catering to wide range of Therapeutic Segments.

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