Ayurvedic Products

S NoName Of The MedicineUsesPacking
1Kanchanara Guggulafor Abscess and Tumores40 Pills
2Kanchanara Guggulafor Abscess and Tumores500 Pills
3Kaisora Guggulafor Gout and Varicocele40 Pills
4Kaisora Guggulafor Gout and Varicocele500 Pills
5Mahayogaraja Guggulafor Joint Pains40 Pills
6Mahayogaraja Guggulafor Joint Pains500 Pills
7Punarnavadi Guggulafor Oedema40 Pills
8Punarnavadi Guggulafor Oedema500 Pills
9Punarnavadi Guggulafor Oedema1000 Pills
10Simhanada Guggulafor Arthritis 40 Pills
11Simhanada Guggulafor Arthritis 500 Pills
12Triphala Guggulafor Constipation40 Pills
13Triphala Guggulafor Constipation500 Pills
14Yogaraja Guggulafor Joint Pains40 Pills
15Yogaraja Guggulafor Joint Pains500 Pills

Fizikem is one of the fastest growing names in Pharmaceutical scenario catering to wide range of Therapeutic Segments.

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