Ayurvedic Products

S NoName Of The MedicineUsesPacking
1Amrutha Bhallankata for the healthy blood & skin200 GR
2Amrutha Bhallankata for the healthy blood & skin500 GR
3Aswagandha Lehyamfor Vitality & Strength200 GM
4Aswagandha Lehyamfor Vitality & Strength500 GM
5Chyavan Pras Lehyam (Spl)for Immunity & Strength200 GM
6Chyavan Pras Lehyam (Spl)for Immunity & Strength500 GM
7Khushmanda Lahyamfor Coolent & General Strength200 GR
8Khushmanda Lahyamfor Coolent & General Strength500 GR
9Madanakameswari Lehyamfor Extra Vigour & Power200 GM
10Madanakameswari Lehyamfor Extra Vigour & Power400 GM
11Madhusnuthi Rasayanamfor Good Blood200 Gm
12Madhusnuthi Rasayanamfor Good Blood500 GM
13Narasimha Lehyamfor General Health200 GM
14Narasimha Lehyamfor General Health500 GM
15Palasugandhi Lehyamfor Coolent & Blood Purification200 GM
16Palasugandhi Lehyamfor Coolent & Blood Purification500 GM
17Ratnapurusha Lehyamfor Vigour & Strength200 GM
18Ratnapurusha Lehyamfor Vigour & Strength500 GM
19Saraswati (brahmi) Lehyamfor Memory & Cool Mind200 GM
20Saraswati (brahmi) Lehyamfor Memory & Cool Mind500 GM
21Sowbhagya Sonthifor good health after delivery200 GM
22Sowbhagya Sonthifor good health after delivery500 GM
23Satavari Lehyamfor General Health200 GR
24Satavari Lehyamfor General Health500 GR

Fizikem is one of the fastest growing names in Pharmaceutical scenario catering to wide range of Therapeutic Segments.

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