Ayurvedic Products

S NoName Of The MedicineUsesPacking
1Anu Tailafor Nasal & Headache Problems10 ML
2Anu Tailafor Nasal & Headache Problems500 ML
3Ayyappala Keera Tailafor Psoriasis & Dandruff500 ML
4Ayyappala Keera Tailafor Psoriasis & Dandruff100 ML
5Balaswagandha Tailafor Neurological Disorders & Weak Mussles100 ML
6Balaswagandha Tailafor Neurological Disorders & Weak Mussles220 ML
7Balaswagandha Tailafor Neurological Disorders & Weak Mussles500 ML
8Dhawantari Tailafor Neurological Diseases100 ML
9Dhawantari Tailafor Neurological Diseases220 ML
10Dhawantari Tailafor Neurological Diseases500 ML
11Ksheerabala Taila for Weak Body100 ML
12Ksheerabala Taila for Weak Body220 ML
13Ksheerabala Taila for Weak Body500 ML
14Ksheerabala Taila (101)for Weak Body500 ML
15Karpasathyadi Tailafor Body Joint Pains500 ML
16Karpasathyadi Tailafor Body Joint Pains1000 ML
17Kottamchukkadi Tailafor Obesity & Body Pains500 ML
18Kottamchukkadi Tailafor Obesity & Body Pains1000 ML
19Mahamasha Tailafor Muscle Wasting100 ML
20Mahamasha Tailafor Muscle Wasting220 ML
21Mahamasha Tailafor Muscle Wasting500 ML
22Mahanarayana Tailafor Neurological Disorders100 ML
23Mahanarayana Tailafor Neurological Disorders220 ML
24Mahanarayana Tailafor Neurological Disorders500 ML
25Manjistadi Tailafor Skin Diseases & Glow Improvement500 ML
26Manjistadi Tailafor Skin Diseases & Glow Improvement1000 ML
27Narayana Tailafor Neurological Disorders100 ML
28Narayana Tailafor Neurological Disorders220 ML
29Narayana Tailafor Neurological Disorders500 ML
30Pinda Tailafor Swelling and pain100 ML
31Pinda Tailafor Swelling and pain220 ML
32Pinda Tailafor Swelling and pain500 ML
33Prasarini Tailafor Pain in the Musskes and Joints500 ML
34Prasarini Tailafor Pain in the Musskes and Joints100 ML
35Somaraj Tailafor Leucoderma100 ML
36Somaraj Tailafor Leucoderma1000 ML
37Sahacharadi Tailafor Weak Body & Muscles500 ML
38Sahacharadi Tailafor Weak Body & Muscles1000 ML

Fizikem is one of the fastest growing names in Pharmaceutical scenario catering to wide range of Therapeutic Segments.

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