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1Ozomen Condoms 2 Boxes + Gift + CoupanOn 2 Boxes
2Ozomen Tablets 50 MG40 X 4's
3Ozomen Forte 100 MG25 X 6's
4Ozomen Spray12 Grams
5Ozomen Oil15 ML
6Ozomen Condoms (1+1+Coupan)80 X 3's
7Ozomen Condoms Family Pack20 X 15's
8Orthofit Oil 1.5 ML (Jar)120 X 1.5 ML
9Orthofit Oil (Roll On)12 X 10 ML
10Orthofit Oil (30 ML) Roll On12 X 30 ML
11Orthofit Oil (60 ML) Roll On12 X 60 ML
12Orthofit Capsules25 X 10's
13Orthofit Syrup250 ML
14Orthofit Syrup550 ML
15Keshoplus Oil120 ML
16Keshoplus Shampoo100 ML
17Keshoplus Shampoo200 ML
18Keshoplus Shampoo400 ML
19Keshoplus Gold Hair Oil (1x200 ml Shampoo FREE)125 ML
20Madhucure Juice250 ML
21Madhucure Juice550 ML
22Madhucure Juice1100 ML
23Madhucure Powder150 G
24Madhucure Capsules10 X 10's
25Fizinorm Forte (3 Its Press cooker on 2 Boxes )30 X 4's
26Fizinorm Forte (Woolen Blanket FREE)30 X 4's
27Tezo-1 Capsules12 X 6's
28Tezo-1 Gold Plus Capsules12 X 6's
29Tezo-1 Gold Plus Loose Caps20 Caps
30Fizislim Capsules10 X 10's
31Fizislim Caps Loose60 Caps
32Fizislim Powder150 GMS
33Fizislim Oil100 ML
34Gokof (Sachet)(Jar) + gift on 6 Jars120 X 10 ML
35Gokof 100 ML120 X 100 ML
36Gokof 220 ML48 X 220 ML
37Fizibalm 10G20 X 10 GR
38Esfen Tabs30 X 10's
39Gokof Pain Balm 10G20 X 10 GR

Fizikem is one of the fastest growing names in Pharmaceutical scenario catering to wide range of Therapeutic Segments.

Vijayawada , Andhra Pradesh
+91 9703670050

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