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Presently Fizikem Is Marketing Its Products In Either Of One Formats I.E Otc , Generic , Ethical In The States Of Andhra Pradesh , Karnataka , Kerala , Tamil Nadu , Orissa , Maharashtra , Madhya Pradesh , Chhattisgarh , Rajasthan , Haryana , Punjab & J&K .It Is Spreading Its Wings In Other Unrepresented States.

We possess a huge national network in all the major states of South India. Our marketing team of professionals works hard to spread our roots to each and every corner so to deliver individuals the best healthcare products for a healthy life. Serving the nation for over a decade, we envision increasing our marketing channels to all parts of the country.

Not limited to this, we at Fizikem Laboratories. continually hope to extend our operations to unchartered domains. We bring exceptional Pharmaceutical Services for numerous territories in India. Besides, we also offer the most appealing advantages for promotion. Our belief is to give the unparalleled administration and unmatched costs to our clients which would help them create more benefits.

Fizikem Laboratories is additionally dedicated to looking after vicinity. Our long established local roots extending back numerous years offer you the certification of dependability, security, and quality services that are key to the conveyance of a venture. Wherever and whoever our customers are, we convey them a level of administration which mirrors our company’s signature. Driven by a group of committed experts, we have thought of expanding our networks globally. We have a confidence in generating our presence in this medical industry for serving the satisfactory solutions at affordable prices.

Fizikem is one of the fastest growing names in Pharmaceutical scenario catering to wide range of Therapeutic Segments.

Vijayawada , Andhra Pradesh
+91 9703670050

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